Electrical parameters for the EMS jacket during EMS training

12 November, 2019
  The parameters used in any EMS machine are the following ones: wave type, pulse width, frequency, muscle contraction time and rest time. The effects achieved are not only due to the characteristics of the parameters but also to the intrinsic properties of the different types of tissues for each individual. Therefore, we can influence a very important part but not the whole training effect. The correct use of the parameters will allow to achieve very specific objectives for our athlete.   TYPE OF TRAINING SESSION   The time parameter represents the total duration in minutes of the intended training session.   IMPULSE OR WAVE TYPE   It’s the shape of the electric wave. The existence of a more comfortable type of impulse has not been demonstrated, since as we have seen there is an intrinsic factor in the different tissues of each individual. The type of wave used by EMS Revolution is biphasic, symmetrical, alternating and compensated. Biphasic because it has a negative and a positive pole, symmetrical by shape and compensated to avoid burns by the difference between the poles.   PULSE WIDTH   It is the duration of each current pulse or width of each hemicycle, usually expressed in microseconds (μs). In the electrostimulation slang, it’s often called wave depth because for practical effects it influences the depth of the muscle. High pulses will affect a greater depth of the stimulus in the muscle layer. Low pulses will cause the more superficial layers of the muscle to work.   FREQUENCY   The frequency represents the number of electrostimulation pulses per second expressed in Hertz (Hz), and it’s in charge of selecting the type of fibres to be trained (fast and slow). A user used to practice strength sports will work the fast fibres. On the other hand, the user used to practice endurance sports will choose to work with slow fibres. Therefore, the frequency used will determine the type of white or red fibre to work with: Low frequencies work with slow fibres. High frequencies work with fast fibers. As well, remember that the greater the stimulation frequency, the greater the muscle fatigue and the muscle damage.   CONTRACTION TIME   The contraction time represents the period of time in seconds while the device delivers electrostimulation signals at a certain frequency and these consequently cause the user’s muscle contraction.  At the end of this period, the user moves on to the relaxation period. After that, he returns to a cyclic contraction during the 20-minute session of EMS training.   REST OR RELAXATION TIME   The relaxation time represents the period of time in seconds while the device does not deliver electrostimulation signals and therefore the muscles are relaxed. At the end of this period, you return to the contraction period. At the end of this period, you return to the relaxation period cyclically, during the entire training session. Important note: When using reduced contraction times, the duration of the rest time must be at least twice the

Training principles applied to EMS training with EMS jacket

12 November, 2019
Physical exercise can be defined as a planned and systematic implementation of different actions (training contents and training methods) for the long-term achievement of different objectives through sports subject to different laws (Hohmann, 2003).  “Muscular strength is generally determined by the physiological cross section of a muscle, the muscle fiber composition and innervations behavior such as recruitment and frequency” (Güllich & Schmidtbleicher, 1999 ; Hohmann, Lames & Letzelter, 2003).   Thus, in addition to biological influencing factors such as genetics, the psychological and educational factors also play an important role.  In order to achieve better results, they must adhere to the 4 general principles of training (WEINECK, 2003). EMS TRAINING PRINCIPLES…  Principle of effective stimulation: Training with EMS Revolution should be carried out in such a way that the stimulation program offered to the user complies with different characteristics, such as adequate personalization and intensity. The amount of stimulation needed depends on the physical condition level of the user. Increasing overload principle: The physiological adaptation produced by the training effect is of great importance. A progressive increase in load will achieve surprising results. This can be done with EMS Revolution, for example, by changing the intensities of the different preset programs. Principle of overload changes: The principle of load change can be realized through a modification in the selection of training exercises. Thus, the inexperienced user can start with isometric exercises and progress to dynamic exercises, preventing a stagnation of the physical condition caused by the monotony and similarity of the stimulus. Principle of the optimal relationship between stress and recovery: The user has to maintain an adequate recovery time. For instance, the ideal training frequency with EMS Revolution is 1 or 2 times per week and you only train 20 minutes. The SAID principle: Also known as the specific adaptations to imposed demands principle, it deals with 4 factors (stress, variation, energy and fitness attributes). If you can match physiological stress, training variation, energy involved and development of the fitness generators, the closer you are to enhance your performances. All those factors can be set up with EMS Revolution as you can increase and lower intensity and all your system is involved for the workout.  Customization principle: Every sports person needs to train based on its physical condition and objectives, that’s why we all need different programs that adapt to our abilities. This is possible with EMS Revolution because we provide a virtual trainer, you can modify intensity (loads in normal training) and you can enjoy different training programs according to your needs and objectives. 

How can I use EMS training to tone my glutes?

12 November, 2019
Did you know how amazing was your buttock? Your glutes are formed by the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. The first one is helped by the 2 others to raise your legs to the side. So, your gluteus maximus is the most seen but it needs the 2 other glutes to work and look nice. Such a teamwork, right? Constantly used, the glutes are essential to your body. They help you staying stand, walk, run, every single activity needs them and positively impacts them. So, it goes hand in hand that weak glutes can lead to injury because they are the most important muscles that we have.  Now, let’s focus on how electrofitness can help you to tone the glutes and prevent injuries. Indeed, functional bodyweight exercises are way better than weight machines because those ones just isolate a single layer of muscle in your glutes.  With the integral EMS jacket, you stimulate simultaneously more than 350 muscles and so you work on your abs, arms, legs and glutes. This EMS training technique allows you to tone and strengthen the different fibres that form the several muscle groups so that you can focus on a single area of the body such as your glutes.  EMS TRAINING AND GLUTES…  If you want specific results for the glutes, you have to choose a program that is focused on tonification and simply put a higher intensity on your gluteus with the muscle stimulator. Don’t forget to vary the type of exercises and the program because otherwise you could see a kind of stagnation, and it would be that your body gets used to your training routine: that’s not what you want!  In addition to tonification, electrostimulation gives you the possibility to gain glutes volume and reduce the flaccid aspect of the skin. By combining electrofitness with an adapted diet and aerobics, you will be able to see faster results and probably better too.  However, don’t forget to daily exercise and work on your quadriceps too. It will allow you to burn fat, to make it possible for electrical muscle stimulation to directly reach the muscles, and to increase effectiveness and to get quicker results.  As we already said, the gluteal muscles are really important as they are the biggest and the most powerful in our body. Those muscles are the ones which strengthen your legs actually. So, whether you’re looking for strong legs or strong glutes, the key is to strengthen your glutes.  Therefore, strong glutes allow you to have a good posture, they help to support your back and thus, prevent from diseases and injuries. In addition, electrostimulation activates significantly your metabolism which helps to burn fat and to reach the muscles easier and get better and faster results. So, if you work on them with EMS training you will be able to improve your physical condition.

How EMS training can help to burn fat?

12 November, 2019
Did you know that fats would allow a person to run 7 to 10 days without eating anything, incredible, right? It’s the biggest resource of energy in our body.  Many people initiate sports to burn thighs and to loose weight. Reading articles on the web or hearing their close relatives, they think that it’s better to stay longer at the gym and to count on endurance to burn the most. At the same time, they follow those really strict diets that deprives them of food they like.  However, you know that it’s not the only way to reach your objectives and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Indeed, electrofitness would be a better solution for you: faster, quicker, more effective and less boring. However, before exposing all the benefits of EMS training to burn fat, we thought about some advice. Remember that you can find all the indications and contraindications right there. USING EMS TRAINING TO BURN FAT WON’T WORK IF…  Before subscribing to the gym or buying an electrostimulation equipment, there are some rules to follow. So, be sure that you changed your habits before hoping that the gym or electrofitness handle all the work.  Electrofitness will only help you to strengthen your muscles and to send a message to your body so that it only burns fat and doesn’t remove muscle.  Electrostimulation will only help you to burn fat but it won’t make you lose wait, but anyway you want to refine your silhouette if you’ve been reading until here, am I wrong? If you want to lose weight, stop focusing on the numbers on your scale every morning, neither you can count on training for that, you have to change your daily routine. Rather than focusing on the scale, focus on the actions you need to undertake. There are 3 things that you need to change.  Eat your fill: Instead of limiting yourself with hundreds of diets that won’t work on a long-term period, you better eat only what you need and have a healthy daily life as much as you can without having to deny a party with friends once in a while. Increase your daily energy consumption: It’s all about details. For example, you can use more often the stairs, walk or use a bicycle instead of taking public or personal transportation.  Send the right messages to your body: Don’t be afraid by lifting weights and dumbbells, you won’t become a bodybuilder but refine your silhouette and improve your strength without any muscle loss.  The more intense your training, the higher your oxygen need and therefore your fat loss after training. EMS TRAINING TO BURN FATS…  First, please don’t misunderstand the use of electrical muscle stimulation to burn fat. Now is when I’m destroying all your dreams of staying in the sofa while you burn fat and you tone muscles. This is not how it works, so forget about it!  Here is one key: muscles burn, they are the ones that will help you