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EMS training benefits

This lesson is closely related to the previous one, as we will discover the benefits that the EMS training system can bring to our daily life and our body. I hope you enjoy it!

Have you noticed how you feel when you exercise? Don’t you feel that many aspects of your life improve when you exercise?

You sleep better, you are in a better mood, you think better, your body composition improves, and visually your body is transformed.

The maintained sports practice has innumerable benefits for our organism.

In addition to these benefits obtained by doing physical activity, we can add the specific benefits that we will achieve by doing EMS training. Compared to conventional training in the gym, it has numerous advantages that we can mention:


Thanks to the simultaneous activation of 350 muscles, we will manage to reduce the training time to just 20 minutes. The powerful activation and the large number of activated muscles makes it possible for us to train only twice a week.

With 20 minutes, twice a week and a correct programming we will have more than enough time to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves to have the body we have always wanted.


Following the same principle as above. The effects achieved with EMS training workout are much faster than with any conventional training, due to the powerful muscular activation and the high number of muscles that we activate in each workout.

Studies show that muscle activation achieved with electrostimulation can reach 95% of the total fibers that make up a muscle, compared to activation of 60-70% in conventional training.


Electrostimulation training will allow us to activate muscles unthinkable with any other type of training.

The deep fibers of the gluteus or the abdominal stabilizing layer (transverse abdominis muscle), among others, are muscles that are difficult to activate due to the depth at which they are found.

Thanks to electrostimulation, we will be able to reach this type of deep and difficult to activate musculature, modifying the parameters such as the depth of the stimulus or pulse width in your EMS training equipment. Make sure to choose a professional equipment, to offer a quality service.


There are no additional loads, so you have no possibility of injuring yourself. However, there are many more physiological and chemical benefits than can be gained from this training method.


On a physiological level, the benefits of using electrostimulation applied to sport (i.e. EMS training) are innumerable. However, the following physiological benefits can be highlighted:

Benefits for the muscles

Higher percentage of activated fibers in each muscle. As we have already mentioned, exercising with EMS training will allow us a greater and better muscle activation.

Scientific studies position this activation in 90 – 95% of the entire muscle, compared to 60 – 70% achieved with traditional training.

Benefits for the tendons

By not using external loads to achieve deep muscle activation our tendons will stop suffering, as they do with weight training.

Benefits for the joints

Continuing with the previous point, the absence of weight for muscle activation means that our joints will not suffer. There is no such thing as the famous joint impact that overloads and wears out the joint.

Vascular and capillary benefits

The benefits of the cardiovascular system through the practice of physical exercise and the significant improvement in disease prevention make this type of training the best life insurance you can have.

Let me list the most important ones and the positive effect on our body:

  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Improved circulation and increased blood flow to the muscles
  • Decreased formation of arterial clots, reducing the likelihood of suffering heart attacks and cerebral thrombosis

Posture-related benefits

There are some muscles in our body responsible for maintaining balance and body posture. They are called the stabilizer muscles.

EMS training helps to correct and work the stabilizer muscles, which are responsible for protecting our body. Some examples are:

Ex: The deep abdominal muscles for the treatment and prevention of back pain, improvement of balance by activating the muscles responsible for maintaining body position, among others.

An adequate body posture is very important for the reduction of muscular pain due to decompensation; it will protect us from stressful stimuli (back pain, lumbago, etc.) and will even allow us to “see well”. If we have a bad anatomical cervical position, due to an increase in the physiological curvature, it can cause an extra effort to position our head correctly.

Hormonal secretion. EMS training and happiness

Have you ever thought about why you feel better after exercising? Do you know why? I think it would be interesting for you to understand this post-workout feeling.

There are three hormones responsible for your well-being and satisfaction after physical exercise: endorphin, dopamine and serotonin. 

Have you heard of them? Do you know how they act during and after training?

These hormones, called happiness hormones, are released during training and generate chemical reactions in your brain and body responsible for the feeling of happiness.

With high-intensity exercises like EMS training, your brain starts to release dopamine a few minutes after training. This hormone helps you become more alert, focused and concentrated. The more you exercise, the more dopamine is released. Dopamine allows you to push yourself to your limits, to keep going and improve your performance.

After your electrostimulation session, your body produces serotonin. This hormone helps regulate your body temperature, as well as adjust imbalances in the nutritional cycle. In addition, doing short, intense sessions with this type of workout reduces the hormones responsible for stress (cortisol).

You already have the cocktail of happiness: an adequate proportion that combines endorphin, dopamine and serotonin.

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