How to Benefit from opening an EMS training center?

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Nowadays, people are increasingly more looking for a faster way to get fit and a safer way to use electrostimulation for their workouts.

That’s why we found interesting to think about the strengths of electrofitness at the gym.

The main advantage of EMS training is being able to simultaneously activate over 350 muscles and you only need twice a week a 20-minute session to cover 2-3 hours of a conventional workout. So, as you can see it saves your time and helps you to achieve your goals quicker and easier, in addition to giving you motivation to keep going on. 


  • Innovation

In general, many sports centers are chosen according to the proximity and the price. So, if you propose a different and innovative way of workout, your proposition stands out from all the other gyms. With an electrostimulation center, you offer something new and that changes from the normal training, that’s why people would be keener to go to your place instead of someone else’s. 

  • Different audience

Electrofitness centers allow you to reach another segment of people. Mostly, they want to change their training routine or they are willing to train for special purposes such as toning the abdominal area after giving birth, doing a therapy for back pain or preventing weight gain for the elderly. 

  • Increasing your income

As you have more clients in much less time thanks to the 20-minute session, you will earn more money in a shorter duration. You can also choose to have personal trainers specialized in EMS training or you can choose to have a professional skilled staff for the center that has the qualifications to coach people with electrical muscle stimulation. However, we highly recommend you to hire professional fitness trainers because it adds a plusvalue to your offer and it helps for the customer’s trust and loyalty. In addition to all those advantages, the same person can train several users so it increases the rentability. 

  • Profitability

Broadly speaking, by starting your own business with electrostimulation, you’re assured to see the return on investment faster than with a normal gym. In fact, the price is higher and people use to come back way more than the ones subscribed to a normal gym. Also, be sure that you spread the information as much as you can when opening your center. Then, you reach more people and you don’t lose time to start earning from your investments.

  • Center referencing

As there are many EMS equipments on the market, people are quite lost when it comes to chose one. Why would they chose this one? What is better in this one? Integral EMS jacket or not? 

With our EMS Revolution centers, you can enjoy the reference in technological innovation and generate a good image of your center. Indeed, you enjoy advanced integral electrostimulation.

  • Customer loyalty

By training with electrical muscle stimulation, people see results really quickly. Thus, it keeps them from giving up because they see that it works and they always want to be better, faster, stronger, and they know they can! As a result, they keep coming to your center and they develop a certain loyalty and trust. 

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