Are Electrostimulation and Electrofitness synonyms?

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Electrostimulation, electrofitness, EMS training

As many terms as different meanings.

Indeed, even though many of you might think that electrofitness is just another way to talk about electrostimulation, it’s a misunderstanding because many people confuse them whereas there are quite some differences and it doesn’t refer to the same thing. 


Electrostimulation is a new way of activating muscles.

With it you can activate up to 350 muscles at the same time. With the integral EMS Revolution equipment you will achieve the desired results with only 20 minutes training, twice a week.

Electrofitness is a training discipline.

Based on applying the technology offered by the EMS equipment to the traditional fitness workout, it’s also known as EMS training


Their field:

Both are completely different because electrofitness uses electrostimulation to work. Without electrostimulation we can’t talk about electrofitness, which depends on EMS devices and EMS suits. Otherwise, we just talk about fitness.

  • Electrofitness needs a jacket (like our EMS jacket) that comes with electrodes and uses electrostimulation for specific purposes like an optimized workout, weight loss, muscle gain, tonification, buttock, cellulitis, etc. It’s just one of the fields that covers electrostimulation.
  • Electrostimulation is the device that generates the impulses through the electrodes to stimulate specific zones of the body that you want to focus on. It covers many fields. Thus, it’s the necessary equipment to practice electrofitness, without it we just talk about conventional fitness.

Their purposes: 

  • Electrostimulation is used to achieve several objectives that are not always related to fitness. For instance, it can be used as a therapy, for muscle pain, etc.
  • Electrofitness is used for a specific purpose such as weight loss, muscle mass gain, tonification, glutes, abs, anti-cellulitis, etc.

Their type of exercise: 

  • Electrostimulation is a passive exercise. It means that the muscles are stimulated by an outside force, in this case the EMS machine, it helps to prevent stiffness in your joints, it stretches muscles and it can help increasing and maintaining range-of-motion. 
  • Electrofitness is an active exercise. It requires muscle exertion and body movement. The aim is to move the body and to help strengthening the neural signals communicating with the body to physical exercise. 

So, although it’s easy to be confused because both terms are often used to talk about the same thing, there is a real difference between them.

Electrofitness uses electrostimulation for a specific objective.

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