Does EMS training work to loose weight?

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In the medical area, therapists and doctors are increasingly using electrostimulation.

They apply it to help their patients to recover from a lesion, to lose weight, to gain muscle mass for rehabilitation, etc.

Thus, practicing electrofitness for weight loss is effective, studies even show that by using an integral advanced EMS equipment you tone up your silhouette and it helps you to burn way more calories than with a normal workout routine in so much less time… incredible, right? 


Here, we wanted to emphasize that if you practice electrofitness combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT), you enhance your performances.

Indeed, you can burn up to 30% more calories than by doing a normal HIIT or EMS training.

In addition to this, by combining both trainings (HIIT and EMS), you enjoy a metabolism that keeps burning calories 24 to 48 hours after the session. So it’s mostly a benefit for people looking for weight loss through electrostimulation

Therefore, electrical muscle stimulation obviously leads you to lose weight as you can see. In addition, when you practice electrofitness it’s harder and more painful than a normal training, so it’s clearly more effective and more efficient


What does EMS Revolution  training generate?

  • The metabolism and muscle growth are activated.

You feel strong.

  • The general body tension increases.

You feel fit.

  • The blood circulation is stimulated.

You feel active.

  •  The circulation of the lymph is activated.

You feel healthy.

The interaction of these factors involves the stimulation of certain mechanisms. By using EMS Revolution®, hormones like adrenaline and endorphins are released. The person feels very comfortable after a training session, even after a very stressful day.

Each program has 3 different intensities so that they can be intensified as needed and according to the physical condition of the client. In total, there are 12 types different workouts.

We provide not less than 8 programs at your convenience, to adapt to each person according to what you’re looking for.

  • Strengthening (3)

This active program is used to activate as many as 350 muscles. This program is designed

to increase the muscle mass of the person who works out. This type of training program

contains 3 different intensity levels (Strengthening I, II and III) depending on the person’s condition.

It is recommended to start the first EMS training with the first level of intensity and to gradually increase it according to the progression of the workout and the athlete.

  • Metabolic (3)

This active program is adapted to a client with an advanced fitness level. Metabolic training is suitable for both toning with a higher level of intensity and cardiovascular sessions involving greater muscle activation with less rest time between muscle contractions. It is the most efficient program in activating a large number of muscle fibers within a short period of time. This type of program has also 3 different intensity levels (Metabolic IV, V and VI) depending on the person’s condition.

  • Anti-Cellulite (1)

This passive program is designed to drain fat after active training. The intensity and characteristics of this program are less deep because the fatty tissue is in a more superficial muscle tissue layer. The women usually use this program due to the presence of more cellulite on their body than on men’s.

  • Relaxation (1)

This passive program is designed to cool down. This liability program is indicated for post-exercise. It is recommendable to use it after an active program. With relaxation, you get all your vital signs and muscle sensation back to the starting point before removing the EMS suit.


EMS Revolution: 6 years of experience working in the electrostimulation business sector.

All the exercises included in the unique EMS Revolution software system have been chosen by a team of physiotherapists and sport science professionals.

So, those exercises are the most used and relevant to the electrofitness field according to clients rising difficulties levels from warming exercise until relaxation, increasing the difficulty and complexity of each specific exercise.

Download your EMS Training EBOOK

Visit our website to find the best EMS equipment for you and for more information about EMS training: EMS Revolution®

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