How EMS training can help to burn fat?

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Did you know that fats would allow a person to run 7 to 10 days without eating anything, incredible, right? It’s the biggest resource of energy in our body. 

Many people initiate sports to burn fats and to loose weight.

Reading articles on the web or hearing their close relatives, they think that it’s better to stay longer at the gym and to count on endurance to burn the most. At the same time, they follow those really strict diets that deprives them of food they like. 

However, you know that it’s not the only way to reach your objectives and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Indeed, electrofitness would be a better solution for you: faster, quicker, more effective and less boring.

However, before exposing all the benefits of EMS training to burn fat, we thought about some advice. Remember that you can find all the indications and contraindications on our blog.


Before subscribing to the gym or buying an electrostimulation equipment, there are some rules to follow. So, be sure that you changed your habits before hoping that the gym or electrofitness handle all the work. 

If you want to lose weight, stop focusing on the numbers on your scale every morning, neither you can count on training for that, you have to change your daily routine. Rather than focusing on the scale, focus on the actions you need to undertake. There are 3 things that you need to change. 

  • Eat your fill.

Instead of limiting yourself with hundreds of diets that won’t work on a long-term period, you better eat only what you need and have a healthy daily life as much as you can without having to deny a party with friends once in a while.

  • Increase your daily energy consumption.

It’s all about details. For example, you can use more often the stairs, walk or use a bicycle instead of taking public or personal transportation. 

  • Send the right messages to your body.

Don’t be afraid by lifting weights and dumbbells, you won’t become a bodybuilder but refine your silhouette and improve your strength without any muscle loss. 

The more intense your training, the higher your oxygen need and therefore your fat loss after training.


First, please don’t misunderstand the use of electrical muscle stimulation to burn fat. Now is when I’m destroying all your dreams of staying in the sofa while you burn fat and you tone muscles. This is not how it works, so forget about it! 

Here is one key: muscles burn.

They are the ones that will help you to get rid of that fat, yet not that easy, you have to work hard. you know it, no pain no gain! However, you need to train every single part of your muscles. 

Now here is the other key: electrofitness, so that you can activate simultaneously 350 muscles.

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