Does EMS training work against cellulite?

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You thought about being the only one trying to get rid of cellulite?

Here is a good news, most people are affected by cellulite, including around 90% of the women.

In fact, cellulite can be defined as “when the skin on women’s  lower body – especially in the thighs and glutes – appears dimpled” (Urban Dictionary, 2007). It sometimes appears on men’s body but only 10% of them, lucky ones!

Cellulite usually appears when your weight changes a lot, for instance during adolescence, pregnancy, after a really strict diet… Equally, cellulite appears in stages, that is to say it can be affected by hormones, blood circulation, skin thickness.

Cellulite doesn’t come from being fat or pregnancy, almost every women has cellulite on her body and it’s completely normal and natural

As a result, you won’t be able to get rid of it but you can make it look better or reduce the appearance, so you better remember this before buying any kind of treatment hoping to make it disappear for good! 

As so many women are spending a lot of money on treatments to get rid of cellulite, we thought that it would be interesting to give some answers about how training with electrostimulation (i.e. electrofitness) could help you reducing its appearance and feeling better. 


Electrofitness helps in:

  • Eliminating the toxins that provoke the appearance of cellulite.
  • Stimulating blood flow and developing collagen so that the skin appears smoother.
  • Toning muscles to give a better body definition, and thus a better skin definition. 

However, here are some of our recommendations to be sure that you don’t increase the development of cellulite:

  • Reduce significantly unhealthy food and sweets.
  • Eat a healthy and varied diet
  • Drink a lot of water to stay well hydrated.


In aesthetics, a muscle stimulator improves skin quality and elasticity.

EMS Revolution provides a complete program for you to work on your skin appearance.

Anti-Cellulite program: It’s the passive program, especially designed to drain fat after active training.

The intensity and characteristics of this program are less deep because the fatty tissue is in a more superficial muscle tissue layer. The women usually use this program due to the presence of more cellulite on their skin than can be found on men’s.

It will help you achieve quicker results than a normal training.

Also, by combining this program with a muscle mass gain program, you’ll be impressed by the results you can get.

As our EMS machine stimulates over 350 muscles, it enables to build and tone your muscles.

Then, you reduce the visibility of cellulite because it firms up the skin.

In the same way, electrofitness reaches deep muscles that you hardly target with normal workout.

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