How can I use EMS training to tone my glutes?

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Did you know how amazing was your buttock?

Your glutes are formed by the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus.

The first one is helped by the 2 others to raise your legs to the side. So, your gluteus maximus is the most seen but it needs the 2 other glutes to work and look nice. Such a teamwork, right?

Constantly used, the glutes are essential to your body.

They help you staying stand, walk, run, every single activity needs them and positively impacts them. So, it goes hand in hand that weak glutes can lead to injury because they are the most important muscles that we have. 

Now, let’s focus on how electrofitness can help you to tone the glutes and prevent injuries.

Indeed, functional bodyweight exercises are way better than weight machines because those ones just isolate a single layer of muscle in your glutes. 

With the integral EMS jacket, you stimulate simultaneously more than 350 muscles and so you work on your abs, arms, legs and glutes. This EMS training technique allows you to tone and strengthen the different fibres that form the several muscle groups.

Thus, you can focus on a single area of the body such as your glutes


If you want specific results for the glutes, you have to choose a program that is focused on tonification and simply put a higher intensity on your gluteus with the muscle stimulator.

Don’t forget to vary the type of exercises and the program.

Otherwise, you could see a kind of stagnation, and it would be that your body gets used to your training routine: that’s not what you want! 

In addition to tonification, electrostimulation gives you the possibility to gain glutes volume and reduce the flaccid aspect of the skin.

By combining electrofitness with an adapted diet and aerobics, you will be able to see faster results and probably better too. 

However, don’t forget to daily exercise and work on your quadriceps too.

It will allow you to burn fat, to make it possible for electrical muscle stimulation to directly reach the muscles, and to increase effectiveness and to get quicker results. 

As we already said, the gluteal muscles are really important as they are the biggest and the most powerful in our body. Those muscles are the ones which strengthen your legs actually. So, whether you’re looking for strong legs or strong glutes, the key is to strengthen your glutes. 

Therefore, strong glutes allow you to have a good posture, they help to support your back and thus, prevent from diseases and injuries.

In addition, electrostimulation activates significantly your metabolism which helps to burn fat and to reach the muscles easier and get better and faster results.

So, if you work on them with EMS training you will be able to improve your physical condition.

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