What makes EMS Revolution different from its competitors?

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It’s the cutting-edge wireless technology in advanced integrated electrostimulation.

With this new concept, we can enjoy all the advantages of the 1st and 2nd generation, in addition to avoiding the inconveniences or limitations of previous generations.

  • Integrated system with the incorporation of all the technology of the control unit into a compact device attached to the EMS jacket (integral suit).
  • Integrated signal that assures a totally stable connection as there is no wireless connection.
  • Total freedom of movement
  • Unlimited number of users. 
  • 48 hours of operating time of the battery. 




EMS Revolution live monitoring software collects information on physiological parameters such as: heart rate, calorie burn, training zones and the effect of performed training. 

In order to start EMS live monitoring, the user must turn on the heart rate monitor, put on the EMS suit and write down personal physiological data which significantly increases accuracy of the assessment.



The most important thing for the client is to know how many calories he burnt during the session and how efficient he was. Thanks to our software, you will make your center more attractive and clearly differentiate you from the competition.

The objective collection of data and the optimization of the training offered by the EMS Revolution monitoring software will help you earn customer loyalty.

We offer a unique system that automatically sends a results report after the training session.



Thanks to our latest technology incorporated for the in-depth analysis of body tissues by electrical bioimpedance we can obtain results such as percentage of muscle mass, percentage of fat mass, percentage of bone tissue, visceral fat or BMI.

From the 4 electrodes of the base, the monitors send a signal of low frequency totally safe that circulates between the liquid of the muscular tissue but that offers resistance (the so-called bioimpedance) in the fatty tissues. From the result of the resistance, and taking into account data such as sex, height and weight of the person, the percentage of body fat of each person is calculated through equations. 


With SmartBodyFit, you can choose between the adjustable EMS jacket (different sizes: S/M/L/XL) and the skin EMS jacket (different sizes: S/M/L/XL). 

The adjustable biojacket allows you to personalize the training according to your needs since with it you will be able to change the position of all 20 electrodes. Besides, the EMS suit is ergonomic, resistant, elastic, easy to wash and use. This is the jacket that we propose with EMS Revolution.

The skin EMS jacket is more personalized because the 20 electrodes are not movable. Besides, this EMS suit is also ergonomic, resistant, elastic, easy to wash and use.  


The union of sports, health and technology has generated the first software where we can experience and do physical activities through virtual reality.

This software contains everything you need (such as environments, virtual trainers and sports tools) so that our clients can immerse themselves in a virtual world with no limits where the explosion of stimuli can facilitate the performance of a qualified sport

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