Origins of electrostimulation

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Origins of Electrostimulation

The electrostimulation has been used for centuries, although not in the way we now know that is true, in remote Egypt of more than four millennia already used fish that generated electric shocks in the treatment of various pathologies, not We advise the use of electric eels, catfish or torpedo fish in any treatment, today there are much better methods and no risk to apply electricity both in therapy and for the increase of sports performance, although this type of electric shocks has been Used by Egyptians and Greeks with relative effectiveness, and even later by the Romans, it was not until the mid-twentieth century that electrostimulation began to be used with some efficacy in the world of sport, in the 60’s begin to use what came To be called Russian currents, at that time it underwent to intense discharges of intensity almost a torture to the athletes Soviets who were to compete and demonstrate the superiority of a model of society that soon fell like the Berlin Wall.

Much earlier, in the eighteenth century Luigi Galvani showed that by passing an electric current through the spinal cord of a frog muscle contractions could be obtained, that experiment was repeated in many universities at the time, proving that electricity had the capacity to generate a Muscle contraction, although it was certainly not known because the muscle contracted when it was crossed by an electric current, the dead muscle continued to retain for a time its contractile ability to the passage of the electric current, this meant that in some way living things generate That type of current to be able to move and act voluntarily in the world, it was proved therefore that the nervous impulse has an essential electrical component that the living being generates and allows it to control its motor actions, and that in a corpse it is possible to obtain movement By means of electricity.

luigi galvanyToday for us is something elemental to consider that it is the brain that generates the electric impulse and that the nerves are the means by which this impulse is transmitted to the musculature, it allows us all type of movements, nevertheless in century XVIII Of Galvany and Volta in a period in which there were no instruments sensitive enough to measure the small amounts of electrical energy that circulated through the nervous tissue, with hardly any means they demonstrated and not only that but the type of energy that went through the Human body was the same type as the one that produced the lightning or the one that showed when rubbing a bar of amber. It may be said that these geniuses gave rise to and facilitated the study of new branches of medicine such as neurophysiology and neurology.

n the shoulders of these giants are elevated others no less brilliant among them stands out with their own light Michael Faraday who dedicated his efforts as a physicist and chemist to the study of electromagnetism, over time it is easy for us to forget that without him and his discovery of electromagnetic induction We would not have the modern electric motors and the generators that use the dams and that facilitate that we have light in our houses, at the end of the XIX century and principles of the XX century begin to take place a whole series of advances that will facilitate the utilization Of electrostimulator as a therapeutic element available as an effective treatment in multiple pathologies, and especially in the treatment of pain.

The various advances come together and little by little emerges the possibility of using electrotherapy as a really useful physical therapy, the product of research appear new modalities of currents: Interferential, Diadinamic, Iontophoresis, knowledge of neurophysiology advances by leaps and bounds, is discovered The way in which muscles react more effectively to electrical impulses, the importance of frequencies in the stimulation of fast and slow muscle fibers is discovered, the computer advances and the control and adjustment of the equipment is getting better, When before was missing an electroestimulator of twenty kilograms for treatment at present to obtain the same or better results we find ultralight portable equipment that fit in the palm of one hand. The golden era of the application of electrostimulation has arrived.

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