How can I find a personal trainer for EMS training? Does it worth it?

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Our personal trainers have to assure a secure training.

In fact, it’s the most important part of their work. They have to create workout programs that are secure and adapted to every single person’s needs. Recently, technology has had a big role in their work.  

Yet, you have to remember that your fitness trainer can’t do everything. Your state-of-mind has to be in phase with your training objectives. Otherwise, even trying its best to motivate you, your personal trainer won’t be able to lead you to achieve your goals. 

Fitness trainers have several responsibilities when it comes to the security of the athlete: mental preparation, psychology, motivation, advice, monitoring, recovery, adapted planning, maintaining optimal conditions for the athlete. 

Today, the role of the workout trainer isn’t just focused on physical plan but also on an integrated training.

Also, technology has become an integrated part of the workout such as electrostimulation for instance. 


A personal trainer gives you achievable objectives.

He/she checks your physical condition and goals, so it’s possible to set concrete and achievable objectives. He/she designs the sessions according to you, it’s completely adapted to the athlete and it helps to progress faster and more efficiently. 

A personal trainer helps you gaining self-confidence.

He/she gives you personal advice and concrete explications so that you can feel more confident during your training. The coach helps you to know which exercises you need to do depending on your needs and your expectations. 

A personal trainer motivates you.

Motivation is probably the key for training. Remember all those days when you didn’t exercise because you were lazy and nobody was there to tell you anything anyway, right? Well, now think about having someone motivating you all the time and pushing you to your limits. That’s probably exactly what you need to finally achieve your goals way faster and to exercise more frequently. 

A personal trainer allows you to get results faster.

Exercising in a more targeted and thus effective way will give you better results according to your expectations and it’s a faster way to achieve your goals. The coach knows perfectly his job, so you’re safe and secured. 


It worths it to have a fitness trainer only if it’s a professional one and you’re looking for an adapted workout plan.

But, you have to be careful because not every coach is professional and not every single one will design a workout plan adapted to your physical and mental conditions. 

The good thing is that your personal trainer will guide you to train correctly and this person is always here to push you and motivate you. It’s a good fit if you’re looking for someone that will be here with you all the time, and if you don’t really know what is best for you according to your objectives. 

However, you have to be careful because it has a high cost and it has to worth the pain, you have to be motivated from the beginning and to have some realistic goals. You can’t count on a fitness trainer and your EMS training to give all the work, it’s essential that you properly considered it before making a decision. 

With EMS Revolution, you can find professional personal trainers and we also provide a complete training that explains how everything works with the EMS suit, the electrodes and the EMS machine, and we give some workout examples. 


If you want to find a personal trainer in your area, you can have a look at our website

As a result, we have electrostimulation centers opened all around the world and currently more than a million of users worldwide. 

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