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Once we know the origins and historical evolution with its continuous advances, it is time to enter into the specific subject matter. I hope you like it.


The discipline of EMS training or also called advanced integral electrostimulation is based on electrical stimulation of the musculature generated by an electrostimulation vest or suit with the aim of achieving a sports goal as efficiently as possible  (body toning, weight loss, flat stomach, glutes lifting, etc.) or simply improving physical condition, as the best health insurance.

The applied technology helps to tone and stimulate more than 350 muscles simultaneously in each training session. The duration of the training is 20 minutes, and the frequency is only 2 sessions per week.

We recommend carrying out personalized sessions adapted to each individual in order to achieve the established objectives.

This form of training has revolutionized the sports sector due to the effectiveness of the results achieved and the time reduction needed to achieve them, compared to conventional training.

EMS training has radically changed the way we train.

It has managed to break into the sports sector with great force, due to the advantages and benefits derived from its use.

The tool used for your training is a muscle stimulator, also known as Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES).

Imagine that you only need 20 minutes to get the same results as in a 3-hour session.

Isn’t it amazing? 

Well, it is actually much better than that. You can train your entire body by activating over 350 muscles in a very short time period. In addition, you only have to workout with EMS training twice a week.

You will finally have time to visit your family, spend time with your loved ones or simply dedicate that time on what you really want.

Studies show how a properly planned session with a professional team is equivalent to several training sessions in the gym.

Think about the time you spend on a conventional fitness training session. Forty-five minutes or rather an hour and a half?

Optimize your training time and achieve the physical results you have always wanted- now it is possible thanks to advanced integral electrostimulation!


Muscle activation or contraction is caused by painless electrical impulses.

These impulses are generated by an electrostimulation device – or machine – connected to a suit with electrodes in its interior.

The electrical impulse transmission follows the following logic:

1- Generation of the electrical stimulus by an EMS training machine.

2- The impulse propagates towards the electrodes located inside the suit.

3- Thanks to the electrodes, the muscles can receive the stimulus and in this way contract.

To properly use this system, we must also know in depth its indications and contraindications. 

For example, the use of this methodology is not indicated for people with pacemakers, metal implants or pregnant women, among others.

However, do not give it too much importance now; later we will see in depth how to use the system with total safety.

Join me in discovering the tips and indications for a good quality EMS training.

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