Electrofitness in Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico

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International Electrofitness: Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico…

We export electrostimulation products to central america, south america and Europe. We sell and send EMS internationally.

The best electrostimulation suit of the market. Last generation technology where the training is made in only 20 minuts. Used by athletes, personal trainers and sports centers.

The EMS Revolution 2.0 electrostimulation team, using the latest technologywill allow you to get incredible and visible results, with regular exercise of one or two sessions per week, with minimal effort and saving time (only 20 minutes per session).

It is a method used, where the intensity of the electrodes are controlled by a computer system, with 10 independent channels, where more than 350 muscles are stimulated at the same time.

The fitness revolution. We are looking for distributors and sales agents to sell our products. We have all the material you may need in order to facilitate easy job. The idea is to provide you all the support you may need, as we know the market very well and everything surrounding this business.

We are electrostimulation leaders. It’s an all ages training, it doesn’t matter your age, only matter your weekly time.

Training should always be taught by physical activity and physiotherapists professionals, specialized in the electrostimulator market. The best machine EMS, effective, safe, with the best customer service and warranty included.

The electromuscle stimulation method most complete of the fitness market.

We are working in all of the following countries around the globe: Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, England, Hungary, Russia, France, Portugal, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, USA, Canada…

You can become distributor in your own country. Contact and ask us how you can do it.

Join the EMS Revolution Team

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