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In order to make the most of all the content, it is convenient to historically place ourselves/ at the origins of electrostimulation as a tool applied to the sports sector.

Therefore, and before delving into the benefits, advantages or tips for the correct usage of electrostimulation, I recommend reading this lesson in detail.

Electrostimulation is “the application of electrical stimulation for the activation of skeletal muscles”.

Hollmann, 1995

Let us see how technology has allowed the system to evolve:

  • In 1761, the Italian scientist Luigi Galvani discovered that electric current could stimulate the skeletal muscles.

This discovery stirred up great interest, being the subject of profound research and study.

  • It was not until the middle of the twentieth century that the foundations were laid for the birth of sports electrostimulation. It was noted that electrostimulation could be used to “provoke long-term muscular changes”.
  • In the 1980s, Kotz and Cheilon were considered pioneers of electrical muscle stimulation by revolutionizing the sports sector with their advances.

They are credited with great advances thanks to the work done and their application in the field of sports. 

Until then, very inefficient currents were used for muscle stimulation.

  • In 1996, Compex was in charge of marketing and expanding the first portable electrostimulation machine on the market.

A portable, simple and practical tool, which made it easier for the user to use the system.

Compex was responsible for putting the powerful muscle electrostimulation tool in the hands of athletes and personal trainers.

However, it has only been ten years since Advanced Integral Electrostimulation or EMS training was born.

Considered a sports discipline that combines traditional fitness with the latest technology in electromusculation.

The muscular electrostimulation system generates low-frequency electrical impulses, by means of a vest or suit whose interior is filled with electrodes, which stimulate and contract a high number of muscles simultaneously in each session. 

Let us move on to the next lesson where we will see in detail what it is, how it works and what you need to start your electrostimulation training.

Let us go for it!

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