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I want to dedicate this chapter to understanding the importance of applying the latest technology to your training services in order to improve its quality.

You will be able to increase the retention rate of your clients, as well as increase the number of new users and with it the turnover of your business.

Do you want more clients? Set yourself apart from the competition

To increase the number of clients who enjoy your services, you will have to do it better than the competition. Study your competition and improve the service they offer. For this, I recommend that you set yourself apart by providing extra value.

What extra value can we include in our EMS training service?

You can complement the training with an electrostimulation suit with a system of quantification and collection of physiological data to achieve a totally objective training, and a real feedback for your client.

“Only if you can measure the training, you will be able to improve it”

I will share with you in this lesson, the different options you have to achieve differentiation:

1. Monitoring physiological parameters

Information on physiological parameters such as heart rate, kilocalories consumed and training zones during exercise.

2. Virtual trainer

Follow-up and training with different levels and more than 250 exercises that make the client more independent.

3. Results report

Unique system that sends results reports automatically to the client with the data of the training.


Do you know the new software for monitoring physiological parameters used in EMS training?

Advantages of live monitoring

Live EMS monitoring allows information to be collected on different physiological parameters such as:

  •  Kcal consumed
  • Instant heart rate
  • % maximum, minimum and average heart rate
  • Training Effect and Intensity Zones 

To perform real-time EMS monitoring, the user must use the heart rate monitor with the electrostimulation vest, and through the software, he/she can add personal physiological data thus increasing the accuracy of the assessments calculated through equations.

The objective data collection and training optimization offered by the exclusive monitoring software will facilitate customer loyalty.


Do you think you have the necessary sports knowledge to do a quality EMS training session?

We have thought about the different client profiles that would like to use the latest 3rd generation technology.

Do not worry. The system comes with a virtual trainer that will help you do a training session with different exercises regardless of your fitness knowledge.

A virtual trainer with over 250 exercise videos to do.

Thanks to the help of the virtual trainer, users will be able to train with electrostimulation in a safer and more independent way, which will allow them to obtain visible results in a few sessions.

In this way, it is possible to train several people at the same time with just one trainer.


The client automatically receives in his email the results of the training performed.

This physiological feedback collected throughout the training session is detailed in a comprehensive report for its analysis.

The advantages of the results report are twofold:

  1. Physiological user information that is very important for the trainer. With this objective training information, the trainer will be able to adjust workouts more effectively and thereby achieve results in a shorter time.
  2.  Very important physiological information for the user’s own motivation. If we are able to measure numerically different physiological capacities, we will manage to motivate and increase the client’s rate of affiliation to our services.

In the report sent to the client, after the completion of his/her training, we can observe numerous parameters, but we highlight the fluctuation that the heart rate has had throughout the entire training.

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